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The Skills, Tools & Technology Needed Now to Be Future Ready

This year’s Annual Nonprofit Seminar is packed full of insight and inspiration to take nonprofits into the future, including discussions related to Pay for Success, Impact Reporting, and Leveraging Data Analytics & Predictive Modeling! Unfortunately, some nonprofits may be unable to equip for the future without addressing significant lags in the present.

Time Is Of The Essence!

Too often, nonprofits lag in prioritizing investments in process improvement and technology. This lag may often be attributed to skills gaps, resistance to change, and lack of a consensus of where to start. We believe change management—convincing people to accept, adapt, and engage in constant improvement and training in anticipation of and response to change—may be your biggest hurdle in getting your organization to proceed forward to where it needs to be.

Are You Stuck In the ’90s?

Technology has evolved and advanced significantly over the decades since computers originated. Many years ago, in their most rudimentary form, computers were very large and slow. Gradually, computers have become smaller and faster, enabling people to use them virtually anywhere. New computer technology has enabled more advanced business tasks as well. Where is your business in the tech continuum?

At our 2021 Virtual Nonprofit Educational Seminar, Wednesday, April 28, AAFCPAs will provide insight into how sophisticated nonprofits are successfully achieving business transformations that ensure they are best equipped for the changes that await our future. AAFCPAs’ speakers will address head-on what’s holding organizations back and provide insight into creating a roadmap to tackle evaluating the skills to develop or hire for, technologies to implement, and notable transformations to anticipate.

You’re Invited!

AAFCPAs’ Nonprofit Seminar is considered by many nonprofit CFOs and Executive Directors to be the premier nonprofit finance educational event of the year!  This event is complimentary for nonprofit executives.

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Speakers for this session include:

About the Authors

Joyce Ripianzi
Joyce is a Partner in the Consulting Division of AAFCPAs and a member of the firm’s growing Managed Accounting Solutions (MAS) practice, which provides “right-size” outsourced accounting solutions, from cloud-based bookkeeping to CFO deliverables, designed to optimize the effectiveness of the modern finance function. Joyce has 30+ years of diverse experience in public accounting at national and regional CPA and consulting firms. She is also a former CFO of a technology networks integration firm.
Robyn Leet
Robyn is a solution-oriented, business process improvement architect & strategist with broad expertise in identifying operations or employee skills that may be improved to ensure smoother procedures, more efficient workflow and improved operational performance. She has a stellar reputation for advising AAFCPAs’ clients in implementing pragmatic changes that have immediate impact leading to business growth, such as: reduced process costs, increased quality, reduced number of errors, reduced process throughput times, reduced training time and expenses, reduced number of internal support requests and customer complaints, increased forecast accuracy, and reduced risks of fraud. Business processes cut across organizational and functional boundaries, and Robyn engages closely with functional and field leaders in all phases of improvement efforts.