Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At AAFCPAs, we want our team members to bring all of who they are to all of what they do, and to understand, accept, and value the differences between us.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Since 2019, AAFCPAs’ Leadership pledged their ongoing commitment to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion by signing on with CEO Action, a national initiative to act on supporting a more inclusive workplace. This includes documenting and executing on a specific set of actions to cultivate a trusting environment where all ideas are welcomed, and employees feel comfortable and empowered to discuss DE&I.

Diversity Committee

In 2019, AAFCPAs formed a Committee of diverse team members, including senior leaders, to help create strategic accountability for results, provide governance and oversight on diversity efforts, and promote company-wide communication on progress. In 2020, the Committee was empowered to develop and drive the agenda for the firm’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives. Their efforts go beyond multicultural awareness and training and include specific actions and goals for sustainable and meaningful change. We know there is no single formula for improving diversity, equity, and inclusion. However, we believe that openly sharing our actions in a spirit of collaboration will allow organizations to achieve their diversity, equity, and inclusion goals faster than any organization could achieve on its own.

AAFCPAs’ 2020 Impact Report

AAFCPAs is pleased to introduce and share our inaugural Impact Report, which outlines the firm’s 2020 actions and 2021 goals as it relates to AAFCPAs’ Social Purpose: We believe business is the conduit for social change! We want to improve the world. We aspire to do so with our actions, which speak louder than words. We hold each other accountable to promote kindness. We lead by example!

AAFCPAs’ 2021 Goals

  • We will continue to make our workplaces trusting places to have complex, and sometimes difficult, conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • We will expand unconscious bias education.
  • We will share best—and unsuccessful—practices.
  • We will conduct an employee survey to gauge awareness of DE&I initiatives, and to learn how best to increase engagement.
  • We will define what it means to be anti-racist and outline actions individuals may take to live their lives in an anti-racist way.
  • We will create and share strategic inclusion and diversity plans with our Executive Committee.
  • We also pledge to create accountability systems to track our own progress and to share regular updates with each other to catalog effective programs and measurement practices.
 “Are you greater than the sun
that shines on everyone:
Black, Brown, Yellow, Red, and White,
the sun does not discriminate.”
– Sara Ting, The Sun Poem