Experienced Professionals

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Experienced Professionals

AAFCPAs values the expertise and fresh insights that experienced professionals bring to the firm and our clients.

If you are considering a change, learn more about what a career at AAFCPAs can mean for you.

AAF will provide you with:

  • The ability to set your own pace for promotion, and experience growth and advancement in your career as fast as your abilities/drive demonstrates.
  • An appreciative culture that rewards your dedication, sincerity, and effort.
  • An invigorating work environment that provides exposure to diverse clients with complex needs.
  • A genuine entrepreneurial culture that allows you to be a part of the firm’s business plan, to develop new clients, and contribute to the growth of the firm.
  • More fulfillment out of your work life, and inspiration from the firm’s generosity and commitment to the community.
  • An understanding of the “big picture” and where you fit in.
  • Trust and confidence in the leadership.
  • Ease in transition and flexibility.
  • A path to become a partner and an owner of AAFCPAs (if that’s in-line with your career goals).

AAFCPAs is an ideal firm to transition to at any point in your career. Those that transition here fully appreciate the unique culture of the firm. They recognize the sincerity of the leadership, the drive of the individuals, the spirit of generosity and the genuine commitment to excellence in client service.

Please know your prior experience will be recognized, your transition will be smooth, and your welcome will be genuine. We strive to be the best, not the biggest CPA and consulting firm. In order to achieve our goals, we need the best possible talent on the AAFCPAs team.

We’re proven. We’re growing. We’re genuine. Our people like it here. So will you. Come join us!

“I joined AAF after 9 years at a regional firm.  I applied to AAFCPAs because of its reputation as a growing and profitable firm, and because they have the credibility to win and retain loyal clients.  I chose AAF because they shared their business plan and I felt I could contribute to the success of the firm. 

-Dan Stanhope, CPA, Partner (Dan joined AAFCPAs as a Manager)