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AAFCPAs is committed to maintaining our unique and authentic company culture.

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Get to Know AAFCPAs

It’s all About Culture

AAFCPAs is committed to maintaining our unique and authentic company culture—one that genuinely cares for the individual, expects honesty and high moral character, and sustains employee enthusiasm with positive energy. We attract go-getters, driven to deliver excellence in service, and those who are motivated to contribute to a winning organization that generously gives back to the community and makes a positive impact through their work.

One Firm Structure

AAF has a One Firm structure, meaning our clients are firm clients and not individual partner clients. Our partners naturally work together to best serve our clients, help each other, and spread our passion for the firm. This attitude of teamwork trickles down to the staff. We have a happy, unified leadership team that prioritizes client needs and excels in delivering exceptional service.


AAF is committed to open and honest communication with all 240+ members of the firm. We believe employees benefit by knowing how they fit in to the success of the firm and what they can do to best contribute. In order to create and maintain excitement, we take the time to share our vision and our strategic plan company-wide. We share our financial statements with all managers on a monthly basis. This transparency instills confidence in the leadership of the firm and demonstrates our positive culture of trust.

Mentoring, Training, and Professional Development

AAF invests heavily in the professional development of all team members. AAF professionals experience growth and advancement as fast as their abilities demonstrate. Employees are in control of the speed of their progression and the sky is the limit.

AAFCPAs’ Professional Accounting Development Department (PADD) is our unique mentoring /group coaching program for new hires that promotes the understanding and development of professional skills needed to be a superior CPA. The PADD serves as a two-year incubator for our young CPAs and CPAs-to-be, during which we offer a valuable experience to work in the disciplines of both audit and tax. We also provide the ability to work on diverse clients, covering for-profit and nonprofit organizations of various sizes from many different industries. This valuable exposure at the beginning of your career often helps many accounting professionals confirm their preferences and positively impacts the direction of their career. Upon completion of the program, staff graduate and are able to choose a specialty or area of interest to them. We believe that this investment in exposure pays dividends because genuinely enjoying what you do for work every day is priceless to our team members and very noticeable to our clients.

We recognize the unique challenges that women face in the profession and are committed to mentoring women to thrive. AAF has a successful Women’s Opportunity Network (WON) group that is a resource for ideas and solutions for keeping women joyful in their work at AAF, and to nurture their growth as professionals, leaders, and mentors. WON promotes creative ways to help women succeed in finding a healthy balance between home life, family, and career.


AAFCPAs’ Joel Aronson Character Award and accompanying monetary reward is given annually to the AAFCPAs team member who best epitomizes Joel’s honorable character, work ethic, and client dedication. Joel is retiring from the firm at the end of 2019 and with this prestigious award, we encourage the passing of the torch of Joel Aronson’s legacy of caring and selflessness.

AAF’s annual, peer-nominated Team Spirit and Excellence in Client Service awards recognize and reward team members who continuously make an exceptional effort, and exemplify AAF’s core values. These awards bring a generous cash gift and recognition in a company-wide ceremony. In addition, all team members are empowered to recognize and reward their peers by issuing “Accolades,” which are on-the-spot rewards that can be redeemed for gift certificates.


AAF is open to flexible work arrangements for deserving professionals in need. You may seek ways to balance career and family demands e.g. employees caring for small children, or aging parents. These arrangements may include flexible work hours, or reduced seasonal workloads. This openness demonstrates our appreciation for the uniqueness of each individual and our desire to retain the best and the brightest talent in the industry.


At AAF, we endeavor to have as much fun as possible while we work diligently! We believe that laughter and our fun company culture will enhance the quality of our days, decrease stress, increase collaboration, and maintain good employee morale. The leadership at AAF demonstrates that it is okay to have fun and work. We have a thriving, staff-directed Fun Committee that adds spice to our work days.

Commitment to Community

AAFCPAs celebrates the many nonprofits that enrich our lives by committing to donate 10% of our net income annually back to nonprofits. We provide all of our employees with one paid day of service per year so they may feel empowered to make community service a priority in their life. The AAFCPAs’ motto: “great minds | great hearts,” reflects our 45 year legacy of genuine care for our community enriching others with our work in a way that ensures our lives are making a positive difference in the world. Learn more about AAFCPAs’ 10% Back to Nonprofits program. >>


Happy CPAs make happy clients. The AAF culture nurtures quality, innovation, and teamwork and rewards dedication, sincerity, and determination. The AAF brand is our people. We don’t just invest in them, we genuinely care about them. This makes all the difference in the world.

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