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Managed Accounting Solutions

AAFCPAs specializes in providing high-quality, cost-effective cloud-based Accounting and CFO Solutions for public, privately-held, and nonprofit organizations.


Managed Accounting Solutions

AAFCPAs provides right-size, outsourced accounting solutions, from cloud-based bookkeeping to high level CFO deliverables designed to optimize the modern finance function, and efficiently address your most critical financial processes.  This allows you to shift time, money and other resources to focus on your core competencies, strategic business activities and vision, instead of focusing on administrative functions.

Managed Accounting Solutions Infographic

Managed Accounting & CFO services include:


  • Walkthrough current processes & controls
  • Assess appropriateness of current software tools & needs
  • Provide creative solutions and identify opportunities for more efficient processing

Accounting Infrastructure Set-up

  • Work with existing accounting services provider & your team to transfer appropriate financial records
  • Set-up & migrate to cloud-based accounting/financial management system
  • Develop chart of accounts & monthly financial reporting package
  • Set-up of cloud-based payroll and bill pay solutions
  • Assist with establishment of accounting and reporting policies & procedures
  • Complete required registrations with regulatory agencies, including state Departments of Labor & Workforce Development

Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

  • Electronic processing of accounts payable and cash disbursements
  • Tracking accounts receivable, and pledges (as applicable to nonprofits)
  • Electronic processing of receipts
  • Optimizing collections of receivables
  • Electronic payroll processing
  • Electronic payment of payroll taxes & filing of related reports
  • Journal entry recording
  • General ledger account reconciliations & maintenance of subsidiary records
  • Monthly closing procedures
  • Provide monthly financial statements
  • Application of new accounting principles & regulations
  • Training and communication with your internal team on procedures for receipt submission & expense account reimbursements
  • Restricted funds tracking & reporting (as applicable to nonprofits)
  • Federal grant tracking (as applicable to nonprofits)

High-level CFO Oversight & Strategic Planning

  • Cash management, financial forecasts & projections
  • Development of budgets and projections in collaboration with your team
  • Custom reporting for funding sources (Donors, Grants, Private Equity & Venture Capital Investors, Owners/Shareholders)
  • Board and finance committee meeting preparation and presentations
  • Planning and preparation of all required tax filings
  • Preparation and drafting of annual financial statements and footnote disclosures
  • Assistance with audit preparation
  • Bidding and purchasing services
  • Facilitation services, including retreats
  • Form 990 guidance to optimize your presentation to donors and the public (as applicable to nonprofits)

Our unique approach to Managed Accounting Solutions provides much more than the required deliverables. Our proven experience with financial and business operations, along with our unique skills, provides you with value beyond day-to-day accounting. Our diverse business experience often brings much needed confidence to our clients; particularly, ensuring that strategic decisions are supported by sound financial data. Through the use of online, cloud-based solutions, electronic payment processes and other advanced technology, processing time is minimized efficiently.