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Business Exit Strategy Planning

AAFCPAs’ exit strategy planning ensure that your business remains profitable after a transition, and personal finances continue to support your financial and life goals.


Business Exit Strategy Planning

Few events in the life of a business are as critical, visible, and stressful as when ownership or leadership changes. A transfer of ownership or leadership may happen along a planned timeline, or as a result of sudden or unforeseen circumstances. The most successful business transfers are the ones where the transitions are properly planned in advance.

AAFCPAs’ complete exit planning solutions include: setting exit goals, assessing financial & emotional readiness, identifying the type of exiting owner you most resemble, choosing the optimal exit option, understanding the value of the option you choose, and executing your exit strategy plan to reach your goals and protect your wealth. Our multi-disciplinary, in-house advisory team includes: CPAs, certified exit planning advisors (CExP), Consulting CFOs, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERs™ (CFP®), Trust, Estate, and Tax Strategists, and professionals Accredited in Business Valuations (ABV). We coordinate the deep resources of our 200+ person CPA and consulting firm, and apply our proven financial consulting and tax expertise to your exit planning process.


Business Owner Succession Planning

  • Guidance on exit options: transfer/sale of ownership to next generation, transfer/sale to management; partial sale to private equity firm; sell to Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP); or gifting
  • Guidance in developing your optimal exit strategy plan
  • Analysis and advice on tax implications and costs
  • Due diligence processes
  • Transaction structure analysis
  • Family governance
  • Management skills assessment
  • Leadership development and transition programs
  • Key employee compensation programs

Accounting & High-Level CFO Deliverables

  • Analysis of financial documents to objectively determine the quality, viability, and stability of revenues, cash flows, and profitability
  • Cash flow projections from the exchange
  • Liquidity solutions

Tax Planning & Compliance

  • Identification of the tax benefits and/or consequences related to the timing of your exit
  • Estate & gift tax planning
  • Tax efficient ownership transfer
  • Income tax optimization
  • Transaction structure
  • Sales Price Allocation

Business Valuation

  • Business valuations
  • Buy/sell valuation best practices
  • purposes of stock options
  • Valuation of intellectual property

Wealth & Financial Planning

  • Due diligence processes to ensure the succession plan will meet your financial and business goals
  • Business and personal financial planning
  • Life insurance evaluation to ensure proper funding in cases of unexpected death
  • Key person insurance planning
  • Retirement planning and projections

Legal Guidance

  • Guidance on optimal entity structure
  • Business restructuring
  • Asset protection
  • Customized buy-sell agreements
  • Estate disposition planning

ESOP Consulting & Administration

  • ESOP feasibility and cost study, including interviews with management, founders and board members to determine if an ESOP is appropriate and will fulfill the objectives of the principals of the company
  • Integration with owners’ and/or executives’ personal tax situations
  • Tax optimization planning
  • Plan design consulting, creation, & implementation
  • ESOP Administration

AAFCPAs has delivered trusted transition solutions since its inception in 1973. We have over 45 years of experience coordinating the resources of our 200+ person CPA and consulting firm, and applying our financial consulting and tax expertise to help business owners create sustainable and transferable value in their business, and achieve a well-prepared and successful exit.

AAFCPAs completed a successful, internal transition of leadership in 2010, and we are empathetic to the emotional, personal side of the transition process.   Effective succession planning puts personal emotions aside and does what is best for the business.

We encourage you to speak directly with our clients who will attest to our exceptional value that comes from the combination of our high ethics, personalized attention, business & personal tax expertise, and proven expertise in all the components that ensure a successful business transition.