Audit & Assurance

AAFCPAs’ best-value solutions deliver much more than the required assurance. Our active Partner participation will ensure you glean insights from the process, which includes flexible scheduling and a minimally-intrusive experience.

Auditing & Assurance Services

AAFCPAs provides best-value audit and attest solutions for nonprofit organizations and privately-held companies.

Our audit professionals place a heavy emphasis on planning. To plan for and carry out our role as a trusted advisor to the management team, we invest significant time and resources to learn about our clients’ business. We help companies interpret the financial and operational information discovered during the audit process, which in turn, leads to informed business decision-making.

Financial Statement Audits

AAFCPAs provides assurance services to hundreds of audit clients annually and the depth of our experience with similar businesses allows us to efficiently conduct audits.

Single Audits & Program-Specific Audits

AAFCPAs’ unique approach to the audit process delivers much more than the required compliance. Our team serves as a trusted advisor and provides sound financial management advice and best practices recommendations. Our nonprofit expertise is unmatched by our peers, and gives us first-hand knowledge to keep you informed of the latest trends and opportunities.

Reviews, Compilations and Preparation of Financial Statements

Privately-owned businesses and nonprofit organizations alike must prepare reports on their financial performance. Owners, managers and creditors use financial statements to help chart the course for the future, determine the value of the business, and to make decisions regarding credit worthiness. The appropriate level of engagement is determined by your needs as a client, and what your creditors and/or investors require. As your trusted business advisor, AAFCPAs will help you determine the most appropriate level of service that you need.

Employee Benefit Plan Audits

AAFCPAs specializes in providing high-quality, cost-effective employee benefit plan audits to nonprofits, privately-held, and public companies. Continually changing regulations for employee benefit plans have made audits increasingly complex with significant risks for non-compliance. With AAF you get proactive communication and service, an efficient and pleasant engagement, and flexibility in scheduling. This includes happily honoring all requests to not file for extensions.

SOC Reports

AAFCPAs is the premier provider of SOC reports for service organizations that must reassure users about their systems. AAF has a team of dedicated professionals with extensive experience working with a variety of service organizations.  Our team members have a deep understanding of internal controls from a design, implementation and testing perspective.  We have a proven method for producing SOC reports which results in a report that is clear and concise, and includes actionable feedback to help improve your internal control environment.

Uniform Financial Reports

Compliance with state regulations around the preparation and filing of the UFR is critical to the operations of human and social services organizations. AAF is widely-regarded as the authority in the nonprofit industry and several decades invested in accurate and timely Uniform Financial Report preparation, audits, and consulting.

No matter what the scope of the auditing services, clients appreciate AAFCPAs’ meticulous attention to detail, thorough analysis of financial information, and exceptional overall value.