Tax Planning & Compliance

There is a lot at stake when it comes to tax. AAFCPAs puts over four decades of proven tax expertise to work for you.

There is a lot at stake when it comes to tax. AAFCPAs has over four decades of comprehensive tax expertise. With AAF you have peace of mind knowing you are not only in compliance with all relevant tax regulations, but are also maximizing your financial resources to achieve your goals. Our team’s pragmatic advice and proven expertise ensures our clients do not pay a penny more than what is ideal, given unique circumstances and objectives.

Business Tax

AAF’s holistic approach to tax planning and compliance combines technical knowledge with proactive tax strategies.   Our business focused approach to tax planning allows us to customize our advice to each client’s business and financial goals. We focus on preserving cash and maximizing stockholder value.

International Tax

AAFCPAs performs thorough and thoughtful reviews of our clients’ potential tax exposures arising from cross-border transactions. We have over four decades of comprehensive tax expertise. Our disciplined approach to tax planning allows us to customize our advice to your business and financial goals. We focus on preserving cash and maximizing shareholder value.

State and Local Tax (SALT)

As businesses grow and expand into new markets, they become subject to a complex array of state and local laws that pose serious problems for their finances and for their businesses. State and Local Tax (or multistate taxation) is more complex and demanding than ever before. In an effort to increase revenue and collections, state and local policymakers are legislating new, complex initiatives and tax amnesties, as well as increasing enforcement.

Tax Credit Transaction Consulting

AAFCPAs’ professionals are specialists in tax credit-based financing used widely in the community development industry, including: New Markets tax credits, Low-Income Housing tax credits, federal and state Historic Rehabilitation tax credits, Renewable Energy tax credits, and projects that combine tax credits with various levels of debt and rental assistance subsidies. We routinely provide advisory services throughout a project’s life cycle from deal structuring, to tax credit compliance, and assisting with investor exits.

Nonprofit Tax

AAF has over four decades of providing comprehensive nonprofit tax expertise. With regulatory scrutiny increasing on all sides, we will help you navigate complex issues such as unrelated business income tax, state filing requirements, related party and executive compensation disclosures.

Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT)

There is nothing simple about UBIT. UBIT analysis can be complex, requiring significant review of all specific facts to properly determine whether or not the activity generates a tax liability. In addition to the activity itself, consideration must be given to where the activity is conducted. Exempt status can be revoked if the primary focus of the organization has shifted away from its exempt purpose.

Individual, Family & Fiduciary Tax

Today’s tax environment is constantly changing, and seemingly small changes in the tax code can significantly impact the tax liability for wealthy individuals and families.   AAF’s multi-disciplinary team includes tax strategists, CPAs and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®) professionals who have experience in tax, estate, financial, and investment planning. Our clients work hard to earn their income. We help them safeguard and maximize their personal and family wealth.

AAFCPAs clients get the preeminent expertise they deserve. We encourage you to speak directly with our diverse tax clients to learn first-hand of the many ways we deliver exceptional value.