State and Local Tax (SALT)

AAFCPAs SALT specialists align your financial goals with tax efficient planning.

State & Local Tax Nexus Analysis, Apportionment, Multistate Indirect Tax Compliance

State and Local Tax (or Multistate taxation) is more complex and demanding than ever, and state and local policymakers are increasing enforcement. As businesses grow and expand into new geographic markets, they may become subject to a complex array of state and local laws that can pose compliance risks and administrative burdens.

How May We Help You?

Where should you be filing taxes?
Can we simplify tax compliance for you?
Due Diligence for Mergers & Acquisitions

Other Areas of SALT Expertise

  • Tax Nexus, Apportionment Analysis
  • Tax Compliance
  • M&A Tax Due Diligence
  • Pass-through Entity Taxes
  • Economic Development Incentives
  • Tax Credits (Research Credits, Investment Tax Credits, Jobs Credits, etc.)
  • Business Registration/Licenses
  • Payroll tax issues related to remote employees/telecommuters
  • Property Taxes
  • Unclaimed Property